Label design

The label is now playing an important role in the foodstuff line. A great label will completely and perfectly show the products information to the final consumers, and it is also a direct way of advertisement and sales promotion.

Along with the development of company, we successfully build a team designing the label for the valued customers worldwide as one of our service. It will be charged reasonably.

Advise us with your detailed demand and we will try our best to work out gratifying artwork for you. All the works will be sent for confirmation to form the label you like.

Sourcing and market information

With years business in this line, we have created a strong relationship with our partners throughout china.

The good communication with factories, visiting factories on a regular basis, and the experience, profession, make us be able to provide the clients up-to-date information on:

- The situation about the production and the supply of raw materials

- The situation about the demand of domestic and international market.

- The tendency of the price.

- Season reminder.

Managing orders

We ensure that orders would received our fully attention, from the signature of contact to the production, inspection, export custom clearance until the good are safely shipped to the clients.

To implement the order and the contact, we will do our best in:

1. Label design or modify as per the requirements.

2. Products inspection by our skillful QC time to time during the production and before shipment.

3. Ensure that all the required export documents would be effective or be done in time. While all our efforts is to make ensure that goods arrived in good condition and meeting the buyer’s requirements, to avoid in the most possibility the claims caused by damages or quality and quantity shortages. In case the above instances, we will closely check with the concerned parties (factory, forwarder, shipping company, etc) and find out a best solution.

Quality Assurance

HRF's Quality Assurance Department provides buyers a reasonable degree of assurance that products comply with their specifications and meet minimum safety standards. This assurance is achieved through the following programs:

1. Factory audit

Our QC regularly audit factories to ensure that their facilities and operations comply with internationally recognized standards such as Good Hygiene and Sanitation, Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) etc.

2. Product inspection.

Prior to shipment, the inspections include: container integrity, weights, vacuum, pH, brix, freshness, appearance, odor, flavor, color, texture, piece dimensions and defects within acceptable levels.

3. Spot check production records

If necessary, we can spot check the records such as raw materials acceptance record, producing record, CCPs records, inspection records, warehouse records, which are all related to those goods.

4. Issue QC report.

We will make a conclusion for inspect reporting according to the contract or national standards. If okay, we consider them acceptable products. If not, we will give advice that we can make a concession or refuse the goods according to their defect items. Generally, we will make a written report and attach pictures together.

5.Products traces and recall system.

Our partner factories and us have built a benign product trace and recall system. Once product `s quality problems occur, we will recall the products immediately. Then track the records for the problems in order to improve details that cause the problems. We will try all out to supply you the safe and healthy products.